DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY: How It Has Changed Our Way of Living.

"Do you know about digital technology"

Digital technology has transformed nearly every aspect of modern life from travelling, working, shopping, entertainment, and how we communicate with one another, these are some few areas which have been revolutionized in the recent years. We still have the old ways of living like letters as a way of communication, but all this have been replaced by emails and SMS. Digital technology simply means any device that is faster, lighter and more multipurpose in use. These devices can handle and store huge amount information remotely and this type of information can be moved around virtually and instantly Digital technology has made it easier to stay in touch with friends, family and work with ease even when you’re in another part of the world, you can now easily communicate with them by words, video and audios. All this easy way contacting communication has been easier by applications (WhatsApp, Skype). Anybody with access to the internet now has access to a huge proportion of the world's knowledge over the web. Lessons and courses can now be delivered virtually online. One can simply get access to of journal articles ( Emerald Insight) and undertake different learning courses from LinkedIn Learning and many more web learning portals, even now we can enrol in online classes from different university and acquire a diploma or bachelor’s degree after completion through the internet is mind-blowing. Internet speeds have increased exponentially. With the launch of 5g this year continues to increase the transfer of large amounts of information across the web almost instantaneously, making it possible to stream video and audio in real time, send large data files, and access data from practically anywhere in the world. Most of the people now including myself get their news online but mostly on social media apps and on the website. Now traditional news media like TV and radio, have been digitized by creating apps that people can receive instant news update and recent information regarding anything. People have more options for news sources than ever, and most of it is available 24 hours per day. But the biggest impact that digital technology has mostly been in the financial sector. We see now lesser people are storing money at home, they are now applications that allow a person to acquire a simple loan thus eliminating the hustle of queuing in line in banks or micro finance companies. With the rise of mobile money providers on almost every mobile network, now we can easily transfer money to people from our phones to them, transfer money from our banks account to our phones, make billing payments and many more this is because digital technology has eliminated the hustle people had decades ago. One overall effect of digital technology that is almost taken for granted is that devices can be made much smaller. The phones that we carry around are more than mini-computers, these small devices does everything for us, reminds us on recent events or meetings, helps us with financial budgeting with our money, pay easily without hustle of using ATM cards, connect us with the outside world in providing us with recent news and helps us communicate with others whether it’s through social media platform or normal messaging. As years go by and technology continues to advance, more simplified digital technology like Intelligent Apps, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and more, will continue to simplify our way of living even more.

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