Digital Photography, Good or Bad?

" So has digital photography provide positive or negative impacts?. This all depends on a person’s perspective on how they use photography."

We were sitting having a conversation with one of the most well-known photographer’s in the country and came into a heated discussion on what draws more attention “A picture or A content message”, obviously as a researcher and a person who spends more time writing I was on the content side. Up until a few years ago, photography used to be limited to a select few professionals or people willing to own and keep a camera, snap then progress them into photographs. It won’t be unbelievable to say that digital photography has revolutionized photography and brought it mainstream into the hands of people. Words used to provide so much meaning to a picture but as the world keeps evolving we leave the picture to speak for itself. Before digital photography, photos were printed and kept in photo albums or boxes. Now, many people choose to not print photos, they just have digital files on their smartphone. Photo celebration packages are now more pricy compared to a hall reception. How many times have we been in our Instagram or Facebook pages and just click the like button or tap an image without even caring what the person wrote about the picture? Digital Photography has changed our consciously growing technology so much that big companies are investing more on picture advisement than anything else, why? Because it draws in more money. Over the years, photography was used to document history and to capture the beauty of the changing world, in came social media which has now turned photography into a popularity contest. Many social media platform owners have even created business accounts in their platform so as to enable companies to promote their products if you get a change and check these business accounts you will be introduced to very compelling, attractive and eye-catching products that they advise. Many individuals even buy products just because of how compelling the image was to them. If you take your time and visit different food company accounts on social media accounts like jamieoliver, food52, beautifulcuisines and many more will make your mouth water as to how they attract you, they can make you want to either cook, order or walk straight to a restaurant and buy the food that compelled you the most. In the past it was all about how long your battery lasts longer when you use it, now big smartphone companies like Samsung or Apple battle to who has the best camera features like pixels, night sight, editing, flaw detection etc and not which phone has the most compatibility. Lack of sympathy or respect of privacy due to the evolution of photography has risen, as people would now rather take out their phones and snap photo’s of an accident or an incident instead of calling for help, people now get bad news through photos and videos either through WhatsApp or Facebook instead of a face to face conversation. Advertising and digital photography have long been linked with each other. The new rising digital age has presented effective solutions that can inspire the essential power of photo advertising to penetrate through and create impactful advertising that is engaging and even inspiring. An ad needs to capture a consumers eye and attention, our minds when seeing the image will interpret the visual of the image, initially absorbing the entirety of that image and forming a perspective of what the image says just from a simple and quick glance. That is why many large companies invest a lot in providing bright and compelling ad images so as to attract and bring in more buyers through it.

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