Upcoming Worldwide Technology Trends for 2019

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We have come a long way, from using button phones, going to internet cafés to chat with people across the world, buying airtime to make international calls, those were the days where we send letters that get delivered after 7 to even 2 weeks. Technology has been advancing daily, with new inventions that simplify our way of living, now we have apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype) that can make international calls, video calls, messages that get delivered in an instant. We can make payment transactions by simply using our mobile phones. Technology has revolutionized our world. Technology has and still is creating amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. The future of technology is even more fascinating than what is happening currently. In a few years, we will be talking about driver-less cars and robots working in factories. Here are a few technology trends you should watch for in 2019 and the years to come; 1. 5G Mobile Network I know in our part of Africa we still getting the hang of 4G network, but there have been speculations on introducing the 5G mobile network since last year. The 5G mobile network will be faster than other networks behind it. 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment, your 4G connection. With 5G, you’ll see exponentially faster download and upload speeds, the time it takes devices to communicate with each other wireless networks, will also drastically decrease. 5G for us consumers means not just faster mobile internet, but mainly internet connectivity in many more objects than what you see today in 2019. 2. Internet of Things The “Internet of things” (IoT) is turning into an undeniably developing point of discussion both in the work environment and outside of it. It’s an idea that not just can possibly affect how additionally function as well. So, what precisely is the “Internet of things” and what effect is it going to have on you. There are a ton of complexities around the “Internet of things” So let explain the basics of it Basically, this is the idea of essentially connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. This incorporates everything from mobile phones, coffee makers, washing machines, earphones, lights, wearable gadgets and nearly whatever else you can consider. The IoT is a huge system of associated things to it. So how about we put a straightforward case of how IoT functions and how it is advancing “What if your alarm clock wakes you up at 7 a.m. and then notifies your coffee maker to start preparing coffee for you, that will make life easy won’t it? Or you are on your way to meet a friend, your car could have access to your calendar and already know the best route to take, if there is heavy traffic your vehicle might send a text to your friend informing them that you will be running late, that will be how IoT work. 3. Chatbot Let’s start by defining what a bot is because most of us know the meaning of chat, so basically, a bot is an artificial intelligence software designed to perform a number of tasks by itself and without Human intervention. So a chatbot is basically an artificial intelligence that you interact with via chat interface. Let me provide a simple example of how chatbots will work “If you wanted to buy pizza from Pizza Hut online, you would go to their website, look around until you find the type of pizza you wanted, and then you would purchase it. If Pizza Hut makes a bot, you would simply be able to message Pizza Hut on Facebook. The bot would ask you what you’re looking for and you would simply tell it, so instead of browsing a website, you will have a conversation with the Pizza Hut bot, providing you with the same customer experience you would get when you go into the Pizza Hut restaurant but via chat. 4. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality In the past, when we went to movie cinemas we watched normal 2D movies but now we have 3D movies that give you an experience of you being in the movie, some movie cinemas have gone far more than 3D glasses, they have designed movie theatres that when you sit and watch a movie you have a virtual experience of actually being in the movie this upgrade hasn’t only being implemented in the movie sector but other sectors as well as things like AR, VR and MR are becoming more advanced. So how will it be more advanced in 2019, It allows you to preview modelled products in real-world environments through your smartphone. Say you want to buy a couch for your living room, you can simply search for a couch you like and you can actually use your phone and you can actually visualize how the couch will look like in your living room by simply pointing your phone to where the couch should be, this won’t only work on products but also on social media interactions, work engagements, and other activities.

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