"Has this article shed some light on your knowledge about e-commerce? if yes, please share it with everyone."

E-commerce is perving its way in Tanzania despite being a new concept for many people in the country. This concept as it makes its way into society yet faces a number of challenges-ranging from delivery and payment logistics. However, e-commerce popularity and profitability continue to increase in Tanzania due to a number of online shopping benefits that buyers have discovered in recent days. Thinking about it where is e-commerce today in Tanzania? It is clear to say, developed countries have truly harnessed the adoption of E-commerce. While as for developing countries we are still grasping the full adoption of e-commerce. But first, let’s understand the concept of e-commerce. Information and communication technology (ICT) has drastically changed the way people, companies, governments, and even organizations work. Whereas in this century internet has become an essential channel which is used for dissemination of services, products and even information. There are many factors impacting e-commerce, facts such as Trust ( Giving a literal meaning is simply firm belief in reliability.), security, fraud, hacking ( it is safe to say they’re a major obstacle to the growth of e-commerce. For developing countries, it’s clear that the risk of the above is higher compered to a developed country. We still lack the resources to tackle such a situation should one occur). Role of government (government plays an essential role in the development of e-commerce especially to the developing countries role such as providing secure means of online payment, build up awareness through media and educational institutions). Implications for E-commerce in developing countries, developing countries that want to develop its e-commerce may consider the following key things (Developing strategy by defining its goals, Assessing readiness before taking any complexities, Integrating solution by fussing e-commerce with business and lastly measuring effectiveness. Has this article shed some light on your knowledge about e-commerce? if yes, please share it with everyone.

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