Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence as people know it more is the ability to identify and manage your emotions, as well as other people’s emotions. By practising emotionally intelligent manners your brain will adapt to make these behaviours involuntary and replace less helpful manners.

Most people see intelligence quotient (IQ) as best tool in our daily life because IQ is used to determine academic abilities and identify individuals with off-the-chart intelligence or mental challenges while EQ measures your ability to identify, manage, and express emotions. It is how you appraise your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Most of us are lead to believe that IQ is more important because it measures our academic abilities, from childhood when you don’t perform well in school it practically means that your IQ is very low or your probably just dumb, even in the past most recruiters looked at how much GPA you have on your certificate, educational qualification was much more important as it showed how intelligent a person is.

People with well-developed emotional skills are more likely to be content and effective in their lives, mastering the habits of the mind that foster their own productivity; whereas people who cannot marshal some control over their emotional life will fight inner battles that sabotage their ability for focused work and clear thought.

Daniel Goleman, 1995

Most people who have high IQ and low EQ tend to not work well in workplaces or even fit well in their social lives, as they lack the ability maintain their own emotions, these people tend to be short-tempered, lack empathy or sympathy to anything that surrounds them, they are too closed off and self-centred to understand others or appreciate suggestions and have difficulty expressing themselves

A lot of companies now are testing emotional intelligence as a requirement in-order to be hired, it is important as most companies motivate teamwork and cooperation in the workplace, one cannot achieve being a team player by simply having an IQ, even the smartest person needs good people skills to succeed in these times.

Now we can test our own EQ as it is free, just click the link below and test your EQ


Networking in Tanzania

In late March, HDIF hosted their innovation week like they do every other year. There were so many innovators, partners, seminars and many more. Lot’s of topics were discussed from Education, Technology, Social during the innovation week and finally came the exhibition day that was held on the last day of the innovation week, whereby so many exhibitors presented their products, services and their solutions to the public.

People asked questions, bought some of the products that were sold, took pictures and others posted their experiences in their social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But one thing I came to notice during the innovation week and other events that I normally attend is that our country does not usually capitalize networking as means to learn, meet and share ideas with other individuals, and maybe others do not even know the meaning and importance of networking. People are too much afraid to point out their views a particular discussion and sometimes the number of people who attend these events are very low.

Networking event is always a beneficial way to get people to come together and form professional and personal bonds. Networking event is a great place to meet a lot of like-minded people at one time, in networking event you never know whom you’re talking to, and sometimes our assumptions are wrong, so many universities overseas encourage their students to visit networking events with their CV’s in hand because during a discussion with someone, they might get an internship offer or even a job offer.

Most universities overseas are striving to make students understand and see networking event as a mock interview place where they can practice and gain confidence in engaging a conversation with someone. These are the benefits you get when you attend business networking events;

  • Build a Business Relationship: Networking is part of a long-term strategy; it’s about creating, building and nurturing relationships that will lead to strategic referrals, alliances, and joint ventures. You get a chance to build relationships with different businesses you meet at events, these relationships would later create partnerships. New business relationships start very nicely at business networking events.
  • Being Up-to-date to new Trends: Attending networking events hosted by a certain company or business allows you to gain insight on new current and future innovations, products and services that they have launched or will be launched, the prices and how they will be distributed on the market not only that but also challenges and potential solutions they have or will face before the launch.
  • To Connect With Key Influencers: It’s not every day you get a chance to meet CEO’s or big shots in a certain company, if you’re looking for a job or have a good business idea a networking event that their company is hosting is the best chance to talk to them without scheduling an appointment, you can easily provide your ideas, introduce yourself to them and even exchange business cards for future discussion.

Innovation week is a very good example of an event that university, start-up businesses and entrepreneurs should be capitalizing on. But sadly they are not, the event is free with good educational discussions and new innovation, this is an event that runs only for a week but can provide beneficial advantages if only we would know and understand the importance of it. It is time we educate and innovate the next generations and ourselves on the importance of networking events.


Have you ever heard the word “Nomophobia” before?. Well if you haven’t heard this word let me give a simple explanation and why now is one of the biggest phobia to date. Nomophobia is simply the irrational fear of being without our mobile phone or being unable to use our phone for some reason, such as lack of a signal or low battery power, in other words, SMARTPHONE ADDICTION.

When I was in university I tested myself to go for 3 straight days without using my mobile phone and going through any social media platforms, let’s say I made it to just 1 day and a half and switched my phone on. We may deny we are not addicted to our phones or technology but how many times have you ever left the house without your phone and you had to turn around and go back for it? How many times have you dropped your phone to the ground and start panicking asking God to let the phone be okay? We have reached a point that we would rather get hurt physically but not our phones.

Today, smartphone addiction is becoming more and more common but also as damaging as any other addiction. It’s now normal to see all the people obsessively looking at their phone screens all the time, checking in on Facebook, group messaging on WhatsApp, sharing something on Instagram regardless of place, on the bus, at the office, in the toilet, while walking on the street or even on a social gathering. It’s so serious that some individuals experience anxiety and stress due to the fear of not having access to a phone.

Technology today can be both a blessing and also a curse. These days, most of us are constantly connected through high-speed internet on smartphones or tablets devices. Often, when these things are taken away from us, we are left feeling a bit misplaced. Technology can therefore also cause a lot of stress. In the past few years, the phone industry has evolved a lot. Mobile devices have transformed from just a means of voice communication to a multi-function device that allows users to engage in information sharing, financial services, social interaction and much more. Smartphones have made our lives a lot better, and the fact that these tech solutions are available to everyone to use it’s actually mind-blowing.

Smartphones give us the ability to connect with our friends and family, to news and entertainment. However, overusing the product in such a fashion is the main reason people are becoming addicted. Approximately 90% of the people I have asked on how they use their phones they have said they are rarely more than five feet away from their mobile phones at all the time, whether it’s plugged on a charger or when they are sleeping.

They say according to last year’s statistics that “average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms”, that was the assumption for last year think of how the stats for this year will be. Human interaction has also lessened because of spending too much of time faced down on our mobile devices, people don’t interact anymore. Human interaction helps us develop emotionally and behaviorally in a way that communicating over a smartphone cannot. It allows us to see a person’s emotional reaction and distinguish between what are good actions and bad actions something texting, talking or social networking over a smartphone cannot accomplish this.

By putting the phone down for just a few minutes, we can improve our work output, our mood, and our personal connections. Let’s change now.

Digital Photography, Good or Bad?

We were sitting having a conversation with one of the most well-known photographer’s in the country and came into a heated discussion on what draws more attention “A picture or A content message”, obviously as a researcher and a person who spends more time writing I was on the content side. Up until a few years ago, photography used to be limited to a select few professionals or people willing to own and keep a camera, snap then progress them into photographs. It won’t be unbelievable to say that digital photography has revolutionized photography and brought it mainstream into the hands of people.

Words used to provide so much meaning to a picture but as the world keeps evolving we leave the picture to speak for itself. Before digital photography, photos were printed and kept in photo albums or boxes. Now, many people choose to not print photos, they just have digital files on their smartphone. Photo celebration packages are now more pricy compared to a hall reception. How many times have we been in our Instagram or Facebook pages and just click the like button or tap an image without even caring what the person wrote about the picture? Digital Photography has changed our consciously growing technology so much that big companies are investing more on picture advisement than anything else, why? Because it draws in more money.

Over the years, photography was used to document history and to capture the beauty of the changing world, in came social media which has now turned photography into a popularity contest. Many social media platform owners have even created business accounts in their platform so as to enable companies to promote their products if you get a change and check these business accounts you will be introduced to very compelling, attractive and eye-catching products that they advise. Many individuals even buy products just because of how compelling the image was to them. If you take your time and visit different food company accounts on social media accounts like jamieoliver, food52, beautifulcuisines and many more will make your mouth water as to how they attract you, they can make you want to either cook, order or walk straight to a restaurant and buy the food that compelled you the most.

In the past it was all about how long your battery lasts longer when you use it, now big smartphone companies like Samsung or Apple battle to who has the best camera features like pixels, night sight, editing, flaw detection etc and not which phone has the most compatibility.  Lack of sympathy or respect of privacy due to the evolution of photography has risen, as people would now rather take out their phones and snap photo’s of an accident or an incident instead of calling for help, people now get bad news through photos and videos either through WhatsApp or Facebook instead of a face to face conversation.

Advertising and digital photography have long been linked with each other. The new rising digital age has presented effective solutions that can inspire the essential power of photo advertising to penetrate through and create impactful advertising that is engaging and even inspiring. An ad needs to capture a consumers eye and attention, our minds when seeing the image will interpret the visual of the image, initially absorbing the entirety of that image and forming a perspective of what the image says just from a simple and quick glance. That is why many large companies invest a lot in providing bright and compelling ad images so as to attract and bring in more buyers through it.

So has digital photography provide positive or negative impacts?. This all depends on a person’s perspective on how they use photography.

Upcoming Worldwide Technology Trends for 2019

We have come a long way, from using button phones, going to internet cafés to chat with people across the world, buying airtime to make international calls, those were the days where we send letters that get delivered after 7 to even 2 weeks. Technology has been advancing daily, with new inventions that simplify our way of living, now we have apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype) that can make international calls, video calls, messages that get delivered in an instant.
We can make payment transactions by simply using our mobile phones. Technology has revolutionized our world. Technology has and still is creating amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. The future of technology is even more fascinating than what is happening currently. In a few years, we will be talking about driver-less cars and robots working in factories.
Here are a few technology trends you should watch for in 2019 and the years to come;

1. 5G Mobile Network

I know in our part of Africa we still getting the hang of 4G network, but there have been speculations on introducing the 5G mobile network since last year. The 5G mobile network will be faster than other networks behind it.

5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment, your 4G connection. With 5G, you’ll see exponentially faster download and upload speeds, the time it takes devices to communicate with each other wireless networks, will also drastically decrease. 5G for us consumers means not just faster mobile internet, but mainly internet connectivity in many more objects than what you see today in 2019.

2. Internet of Things

The “Internet of things” (IoT) is turning into an undeniably developing point of discussion both in the work environment and outside of it. It’s an idea that not just can possibly affect how additionally function as well. So, what precisely is the “Internet of things” and what effect is it going to have on you. There are a ton of complexities around the “Internet of things” So let explain the basics of it

Basically, this is the idea of essentially connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. This incorporates everything from mobile phones, coffee makers, washing machines, earphones, lights, wearable gadgets and nearly whatever else you can consider. The IoT is a huge system of associated things to it.

So how about we put a straightforward case of how IoT functions and how it is advancing “What if your alarm clock wakes you up at 7 a.m. and then notifies your coffee maker to start preparing coffee for you, that will make life easy won’t it? Or you are on your way to meet a friend, your car could have access to your calendar and already know the best route to take, if there is heavy traffic your vehicle might send a text to your friend informing them that you will be running late, that will be how IoT work.

3. Chatbot

Let’s start by defining what a bot is because most of us know the meaning of chat, so basically, a bot is an artificial intelligence software designed to perform a number of tasks by itself and without Human intervention. So a chatbot is basically an artificial intelligence that you interact with via chat interface.
Let me provide a simple example of how chatbots will work “If you wanted to buy pizza from Pizza Hut online, you would go to their website, look around until you find the type of pizza you wanted, and then you would purchase it. If Pizza Hut makes a bot, you would simply be able to message Pizza Hut on Facebook. The bot would ask you what you’re looking for and you would simply tell it, so instead of browsing a website, you will have a conversation with the Pizza Hut bot, providing you with the same customer experience you would get when you go into the Pizza Hut restaurant but via chat.

4. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

In the past, when we went to movie cinemas we watched normal 2D movies but now we have 3D movies that give you an experience of you being in the movie, some movie cinemas have gone far more than 3D glasses, they have designed movie theatres that when you sit and watch a movie you have a virtual experience of actually being in the movie this upgrade hasn’t only being implemented in the movie sector but other sectors as well as things like AR, VR and MR are becoming more advanced.

So how will it be more advanced in 2019, It allows you to preview modelled products in real-world environments through your smartphone. Say you want to buy a couch for your living room, you can simply search for a couch you like and you can actually use your phone and you can actually visualize how the couch will look like in your living room by simply pointing your phone to where the couch should be, this won’t only work on products but also on social media interactions, work engagements, and other activities.

Has this article shed some light on your knowledge about technology trends? if yes, please share it with everyone.