FASTHUB VOTING SYSTEM It was a typical hot tropical summer day, very common for the locals of Babati. But on this particular Saturday of December 29th, 2018 -the town ambiance was far from normal. A number of A-list local hip-hop artists were scheduled to grace a stage; there was a barbeque competition & lottery underway; beer sold at a big discount -all for the cause of celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Kibo Gold Lager through the NDAFU FESTIVAL. Ndafu is a local term meaning a wholly smoked goat -a cuisine famous in the northern regions of Tanzania. The venue was called Kwaraa Grounds, located one block away from the main Dodoma -Arusha highway somewhat behind the main bus stop. For the occasion, used graffiti painted iron sheets had been set up around to secure the area. A grand 5-meter-high stage was erected with a massive sound system. Tents set up to host local bars serving drinks and restaurants competing to smoke goats (Ndafu). Upon arrival, after paying the entrance fee, partygoers were given complimentary drinks of Kibo Gold. Portions of ndafu were being sold and distributed by the competing chefs. Every time a person buys a bottle of Kibo Gold, they were given a unique 4-digit code to vote for the restaurant which made the best ndafu. To vote, they sent the unique code, leave a space, then the reference number of the contestant they wish to vote for to a designated short code. FASTHUB supported KIBO GOLD by providing a Sms Platform that enabled the Public to vote for their favorite contestant and receive weekly SMS invitations to Events. The main role of FASTHUB was to send Sms Invitations to invite the respective customers to their weekly events titled USIKU WA DHAHABU, at rotating venues whereby attendants with invitation messages were able to buy Kibo Gold Lager buckets at special prices. FASTHUB enabled the participants to vote for their favorite contestant through our Sms Voting Service and Kibo Gold were able to see the real-time vote counts.